A New Beginning

It is no secret that the word is a totally different place than it was 3 years ago. Covid has changed the way we do things and the aftermath of that is affecting how we spend our money. Here at Tong and Chic we took advantage of the isolation and created some art for our own exhibition in February and March 2022. The exhibition was a resounding success to say the least. All of our art in this exhibition can be seen on our gallery site https://tongandchic.art. We also made the move to create a separate glass studio for Ann .

Building the Glass Studio

The new studio will be a lot more comfortable (and cleaner) than sharing the workshop with the forge and metal working area. The studio build didn’t go according to plan though. The contractor who was supposed to come and build the shed didn’t show up. They didn’t even bother to tell us they were not coming. Not to be set back we called out to some friends from the Military Brotherhood to assist us. Without their help we would have been waiting another 3 months with no guarantee from the contractor.

Studio Construction image
The Start of the Glass Studio

We had the structure up in no time, and over the next few weeks had it ready for a concrete floor. Once we let the concrete harden we laid a floating floor on moisture resistant lining. We moved in the equipment and worked out the basic layout. It is a lot easier on paper but having the actual equipment in place makes a big difference.

The next thing is we need is some power, and once again military mates come to the rescue. A qualified electrician came and installed our power. We are now just refining a few things and it will be ready for use very soon. I have created a short video from pictures of the build below for you to see.

We have plans to provide lessons in the future. This work space has taken into account the space needed for small classes in glass work. Stay tuned for updates on the official opening.

What the Future Holds

With a new studio we thought it was time to update the web site. The old site was out of date and needed some refreshing. We hope you enjoy navigating this site and welcome your feedback.

Till next time.. take care and stay safe.