Artistic Metal

Artistic metal can take on many forms and many different types of metal. My artistic journey mostly involves steel and iron and can be new or recycled material. The art can be broken down into separate areas of detail.

Firstly we look at recycled material. This is sometimes called repurposed, recycled or junk art. This process uses different pieces of metal, joined together, to create the object. More often than not the items are welded together, and can be heated and formed to take on a different shape. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The image below is a full sized horse head I created a while back. As you can see it has a vast range of items to give it shape.

Recycled Steel art
Ziggy the Stem Punk Horse

The next style is forged metal. In this style, the metal used can be new or recycled, This is done by using traditional black smith techniques to change the shape of the metal to something different. This style of art is very time intensive, but it is also a very popular form of art. This style of art is used for gazebos, garden arches, furniture and decorative embellishments. The image below shows a custom made gazebo I made for a customer for his wedding.

Wrought iron Gazebo
A domed gazebo created for a wedding

The last style of artistic metal is using new metal. It may be sheet metal or steel rod and plate. This involves cutting shaping and welding the metal to create a final art piece. The horse head below is created from cutting and shaping 2 mm thick metal and welding together to create a solid piece of art.

SHeet metal horse head sculpture
Horse Head Sculpture