Welcome to the Tong and Chic Creations Website

What do you get when you combine a passion for forging and fabricating in metal? Combine that with the ability to create unique glass work and lead light. Tong and Chic Creations is the culmination of two artists, who just happen to be husband and wife. Tong and Chic Creations are metal and glass artists and have been producing unique and individual artworks collectively since 2012.

As you have probably already figured out, Tong and Chic is a play on words. A bit tongue in cheek really! The ‘Tong’ element denotes the blacksmith, wrought iron and metal working element. ‘Chic’ more than adequately describes the glass sculpture and lead light element. It is not often that you will find metal and glass artists working together.

We now have dedicated work areas to create our art. Because of the vast difference in work requirements the glass work is now done in our purpose built glass studio. The metal art and blacksmith area will remain in the main workshop. There will be well defined work areas in both the galls studio and the main workshop.

From the 29th January to 20th March 2022, we held our first exhibition at the Top of the Torrens Gallery in Birdwood, South Australia. Art works produced and offered for sale can be viewed on our gallery site, https://tongandchic.art .

The exhibition was in conjunction with good friends Mike and Evelyn Painter. Their art works are also viewable on our gallery site.

Reflections Mirror by metal and glass artists Tong and Chic Creations

Questions and Answers

Who are Tong and Chic Creations?
You can find out more about us on our artistic journey page.

Where can we find you?
We are located just outside Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills. We only open by appointment at this stage because we are busy creating art.

Where can we see your art?
Our art is on display at the Top of the Torrens Gallery in Birdwood. The gallery is open Wednesday to Monday and Public Holiidays, Opening hours are 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Can you create artwork to my design?
We can work with you to make your design come to life. Contact us for more information.

Do you have lessons on how to create your art?
Yes we do. Please look at our classes page for more information