Getting ready for Winter

It’s hard to believe that the Jetty Sculptures were 3 months ago, and here we are preparing for winter. Where did that time go? We took a well earned break and hit the road on our motorbikes, in Nepal! That was an exciting (and at times trying) experience, but one that will remain in our memories for some time. We also took part in the Holi festival in Kathmandu, and what an experience that was. There are many reasons for this Hindu festival, and one is the welcoming of Spring and all the colours. I wont go into it here but if you are interested, I have done a blog on our trip. I will also add links in our main menu to the blogs.

Winter in South Australia signifies the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival. It is held in August and we have participated in 3 SALA festivals to date. This year is a big one for us. For the first time we will be exhibiting at the Springton Hall as well as the Top of the Torrens Gallery. This means we have both been working flat out to produce artworks for both galleries. On top of that I (Adrian), have been invited to exhibit my work at the Lyndoch Lavender Farm for my first Solo Exhibition. I am both honoured and excited to be asked to display here and hope my art is well received and proves to be a valuable addition to the magnificent Lavender Garden.

We finally have the shop working properly on Facebook now. If you are looking for a special hand made unique gift, check out what we have on offer. Maybe even consider a bespoke piece as a gift.

Winter in the Glass Studio

Leadlight for Beginners Class Final Piece

In other news, Ann has run a few very successful leadlight for beginners classes and a 1 day foiling class. If you are interested in one of her classes drop her a line through the classes page. She is now working on her exhibits for SALA and also looking at designs for next years Brighton Jetty Sculptures. I wont give away too much but will say the work she has done so far on these items is amazing. She is constantly pushing the envelope with her work, and always exceeds her expectations.

In the Forge

I have had a curved ball thrown at me. I was commissioned to create some street art for the front of the TOTT Gallery at Birdwood. Despite having finished pieces ready for installation in January, I have now found out that the items wont be accepted without major changes to reduce the risk of injury. I thought I had mitigated the risks, but obviously I didn’t take into consideration small fingers in places they shouldn’t be. It is a bit disappointing but understandable considering it is public art and we have to look at all possibilities. I have a contingency plan in place and hopefully this will be accepted as suitable.

Feeding the Roo

What this does mean is that I now have 2 more pieces for my SALA exhibition, and given the location, I think they will fit in well with the environment.

Well that is about all I have for now from Tong and Chic, so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook.

Ciao for now

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