Jetty Sculptures 2023

Back in October we told you that we have entered some artworks in the Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2023 (BJS). Well the ride there was nothing short of interesting. On the first count only one of our pieces was accepted and we were feeling a little dejected. Shortly afterwards we were notified another 2 were accepted, so we were feeling a little better. After all, we were entering a competition with some big guns and amazing artists.

On the set up day we arrived ready to roll and met up with the amazing staff from the BJS and Surf lifesavers club. The assistant curator Marc showed us where our locations were and made sure our artworks were secure. Ann and I both connected well with Marc and discovered he is also another metal artist.

The day after we were at Murray Bridge shopping and also checking out the flood waters. We received a phone call just as we were leaving asking us to bring our other 2 items down to fill a couple of last minute no shows. It was a mad rush to get home, pack up the ute, and head down to Brighton to set up the 2 items. In all, all 5 pieces were on display.

Fast forward to the exhibiton opening event. We turned up early so we could look at all the artworks, and we were really up against the big guns. The exhibition is set up in the Outdoor Display and the Indoor Displays. Meeting other fellow artists and discussing different methods, styles and opinions was a great experience. Unfortunately I was suffering a bit of heat exhaustion and started to fade out. Fortunately for me I was at a surf life saving club. Marc’s eagle eye saw the colour drain from my face. He immediately sprung into action and in no time I was on the floor getting cooled off and stabilising my blood pressure. Needless to say Ann took me straight home after that. I cant thank the staff at the Brighton SLSC enough for what they did for me that night.

Anyway we get home and Ann has a message that she has sold her ‘Under the Sea’ piece. This was our first artwork sold at the exhibition so we were pretty excited. A few days later I received a call advising that my ‘Catch of the Night’ had also sold. Later that day, I had another call that a lady was interested in commissioning me to make a similar piece for her. So far that has not eventuated, but Ill keep my fingers crossed.

The final day for the sculptures is Sunday the 29th January 2023 and I receive another call advising that my ‘Joanna Perentie’ sculpture has also sold. Of all the pieces this one was Ann’s favourite. I must admit, it did hold a special place in my heart. I was actually planning to put it on display in front of Ann’s Studio, but alas it’s not to be. ‘Little Red Roo’, my final piece will be lonely there, until I make another to keep it company. In all, three out of five pieces were sold. Even though there is a commission on each piece, we are happy with the result and happier that the Brighton SLSC is getting a cut of the sale.

The Brighton Jetty Sculptures is going to be a permanent fixture in our exhibition calendar. We are already planning next years exhibits.

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